Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hannah Eats Everything moves to its own domain!

As of today, all new writing will appear at!  Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds!

It is time for a professional makeover for this site.  Having just begun a new job and overcome a months-long mystery illness, I now have the time, stomach, mental space, and overall wherewithal to put more energy into eating - and writing about it.

The new site, in addition to having a shorter name, also looks a little more organized and the categories are less scattered.  It also includes all previous entries from this blog, writings from my brief stint at Examiner, a few essays I wrote for myself, food-related musings from my 2006 trip to Indonesia, and selected, mildly edited Yelp reviews that I think fall in line with the tone of the site.

See you there!